What should you do if you have a recalled jewelry?

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Health Canada has issued two recall notices warning parents about the chemical hazards of two brands of children’s jewelry.

The first recall notice involves Kool Charmz Colors Strawberry, Heart & Arrow, and Apple Interchangeable charm, which contains lead in excess of the allowable limits in Canada, according to the health agency.

Since 2012, CTG Brands has sold 104 units of the “Strawberry,” 96 units of the “Heart & Arrow” and 104 units of the “Apple” charms in the country, Health Canada said.

Despite the packaging, which reads “lead free,” the recall says these metallic charms do, in fact, contain lead.

As of March 28, no reports of incidents or injuries have been reported, according to the health agency.

The second recall involves Hot Focus Petite Boutique Tie-Dye Butterfly, Rainbow and Glow in the Dark children’s jewelry sets, which are being recalled due to cadmium in excess of allowable limits.

TJX Canada has sold 4,744 units of the affected product in Canada from June 2022 to March of this year. And as of March 24, the company has received no reports of incidents or injuries in Canada.

It is illegal in Canada to import, advertise or sell jewelry items that appeal primarily to children under 15 years of age and contain more than 90 mg/kg total lead and more than 130 mg/kg total cadmium, Health Canada said in the recall notice issued on Thursday.

Health Canada warns that lead and cadmium are highly toxic, especially to children, and they expose serious health effects including anemia, vomiting, diarrhea, serious brain injury, convulsions, coma, as well as effects related to the liver, kidneys, heart and immune system. In extreme cases, there have been deaths.

Health Canada urges consumers to immediately take the jewelry recalled away from children and return it to the companies for a refund.

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