Tourists Often Disappear, Dispar Has Difficulty Overseeing Diamond Beach Nusa Penida


Just a week after the death of tourists from Malaysia, two foreign tourists were reported missing after being swept away by the waves at Diamond Beach, Pejukutan Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. The Klungkung Tourism Office (Dispar) has difficulty supervising Diamond Beach.

The acting head of the Klungkung Tourism Agency, Luh Ketut Ari Citrawati, revealed that it was difficult to carry out supervision at Diamond Beach. The reason is because Diamond Beach is not managed by the local government, but by groups/individuals.

“This is what we also regret. In the future we will continue to monitor it,” said Citrawati, Thursday (5/1/2023).

The Klungkung Dispar can only give an appeal to managers to pay attention to the safety of tourists. Even then, you need to ask permission from the manager to install signs.

“We also ask managers and guides to be able to tell tourists not to swim if the weather is not good. This is what we will discuss, we will design it first,” added Citrawati.

As a form of government responsibility, the Klungkung Tourism Agency has installed signs prohibiting swimming in dangerous beach areas in Nusa Penida. One of them is Diamond Beach which is famous for having big and strong waves at certain times.

Meanwhile, Head of UPT Tourism Nusa Penida I Nyoman Employee admitted, there were a number of obstacles faced in carrying out supervision. Especially at Diamond Beach which is managed privately.

According to the employee, according to regulations it is not possible for the local government to form a special monitoring team on each beach. “We will discuss this next week’s plan. We have reported the leadership (head of service) to have a dialogue with the management of Diamond Beach,” said the employee, Thursday (5/1/2023).

Previously reported, accidents against foreign tourists (tourists) occurred again in Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. Yury C from Germany and Matthias M from Austria were swept away by the waves at Diamond Beach.

SAR has been searching since the incident was reported on Tuesday (3/1/2023). However, until now, the two foreign tourists have not been found.

A foreign tourist from Malaysia, Nileash, was also reported to have been swept away by the waves in the waters of Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida Tuesday (27/12/2022). Malaysian tourist found dead The victim’s body floated around the first point where he was reported missing, or approximately six kilometers to the south.

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