The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Returns To Netflix Next Month

What is and isn’t on Netflix at any given time can be tough to suss out. The Lord of the Rings trilogy hasn’t been available on the popular streaming service for a couple of years now, but rejoice, Netflix subscribers, for the return of the king is imminent.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, including The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King, returns to Netflix on February 1, the streaming service announced on Twitter today.

All three films have been on Netflix at various times, though reportedly never at the same time. The films have been off the service completely since March 2020–just a couple of months before they appeared on the then-new HBO Max streaming service. Lord of the Rings distributor New Line Cinema is a Warner Bros. Discovery studio, so it made sense that they would want one of their very biggest film series in service for its debut.

There’s no word yet on whether Netflix will host just the standard editions of the films, or the extended editions as well. HBO Max currently has both editions available. The 2022 Lord of the Rings show, Rings of Power, meanwhile, was produced by Amazon and is a Prime Video exclusive.

While you’re waiting for Lord of the Rings to return to the service, Netflix just debuted That ’90s Show on the service. They’re in early testing for an ad-supported tier of the service as well, and heading toward a major crack down on password sharing. Netflix also recently announced premiere dates for upcoming Netflix Original movies like Extraction 2, a Chicken Run sequel, and Murder Mystery 2.

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