The Best Diamond Earrings $1000 And Under

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It’s true what they say: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. And for some, money is no object when it comes to finding such sparkly gems; while for others, being cognizant of a budget is a mindful must. Thankfully, it’s also true what they say: you can find stunning diamond earrings for $1000USD and less. So whether you’re gifting a loved one or yourself – consider these twinkling beauties that are worthy enough to land a spot on your coveted earlobes.

Brilliant Earth

Some diamonds have a clandestine history – but not with Brilliant Earth; the company prides itself on sourcing Conflict Free Diamonds. With an ethical approach, they explain that “we were one of the first jewelers to offer blockchain-enabled diamonds at scale, to provide traceability of a diamond’s origin and ownership. Choosing a Brilliant Earth diamond offers unparalleled transparency of your diamond’s provenance.” Sustainable doesn’t get more beautiful than this with charming and luxe 14K Yellow Gold Baguette Diamond Hoop Earrings with 1/3 CTW. ($995USD for a pair); this Silver Cerulean Hoop Earrings with 1/4 CTW. ($990USD for a pair) – a sea dotted cluster of diamonds, sapphires, aquamarines and blue London topaz gems; and this go-big-or-go-home Aimee Large Diamond Hoop Earrings ($975USD for a pair) with 1/3 CTW., adorned with bead pronged set of diamonds along an 18K gold hoop.

Dainty Diamond

Dainty Diamond is a Toronto-based jewelry brand founded by Jessica Fried. “We sell high-quality gold and silver jewelry that helps you look and feel your best every day,” she explains.

As an industry veteran whose family has amassed over three decades of history and experiences, their pieces are all thoughtfully designed for comfort, quality, and longevity. “The idea is that you can wear the same pair of earrings, necklaces or rings from your morning workout, to the shower, to your afternoon meeting, or to a dinner party all on the same day without worrying about your jewelry. Our pieces are dainty and minimalistic while still maintaining their strength and durability,” she adds.

Diamond Huggies ($456USD for a pair) are a crowd favorite – they make any ensemble pop and are available in yellow, white, and rose gold. As they’re the most asked-for piece, they’re small but mighty in sparkle-statement-power (adorned with 20 diamonds, in total equaling of 0.11 CTW.). Another favorite that you’ll wear forever are these 0.50 CTW. Dainty Diamond Studs ($760USD for a pair). Available in yellow or white gold – these are the quintessentially classic and elegant must-have studs for perfect every day wear.

Anne Sisteron

Anne Sisteron was born in Paris to Danish diplomat parents and explains that her worldly upbringing informed her expertise in jewelry and design. She is not only a tastemaker but a Graduate Gemologist and GIA Diamond Grader. With her eye for beauty, these unique 14KT Yellow Gold Black Diamond Enamel Earrings ($935USD for a pair) change up the glam-game with their midnight hue and striking appearance. Twenty-four black diamonds adorn the 14K yellow gold Huggies.

Sterling Forever

Easy to wear, effortlessly chic, and inspired by celebrities and trendsetters – Sterling Forever’s pieces are stylish and made to last. These darling gems are perfect for everyday glam. Composed of 14K gold, these Gold Hoops’s ($1000USD for a pair) crowning feature are two 2.2mm bezel diamond drop stones for a spotlight wow-factor. Or shower your loved one with heart – quite literally. These 14K Gold Diamond Heart Studs ($770USD for a pair) feature thirty-eight 1mm diamond stones and add a bit of sartorial whimsy to any outfit.


Siblings Paola and Humbert founded their jewelry brand in 2014 after leaving their respective job in Architecture and Finance to pursue their dreams. Based in Spain and crafting each piece by hand, they explain the philosophy behind their creations: “We create pieces for ‘women who own their glow’, inspired by the force of powerful and meaningful self-expression.” They are meticulous with the source of materials such as 925 sterling silver, 18K gold, brass and semi-precious stones. For a modernist flair, these Zipper Earrings ($770USD for a pair) will do the job nicely: they’re composed of responsibly sourced recycled 18K solid gold, 18 brilliant lab grown diamonds (0.27 CTW.), and a zig-zag design . Another unique choice is this Diamonds and Gold Eternity Earrings Set ($845USD for a pair; and available in 18K yellow gold or 18K solid white gold). Mix and match at your choosing – it features two diamond studs and a diamond ‘wrapper’ for versatile wear. Both sets are composed of recycled gold and 0.29 CTW. lab-grown diamonds.

Logan Hollowell

Founded in Los Angeles, this jewelry brand creates each piece using artisan goldsmiths with 14k and 18k recycled gold, as well as ethically-sourced gemstones from all over the globe. The company also exudes an otherworldly mystique which inhabits their philosophy: “we design collections that encompass ancient wisdom, magic and inspiration from the universe, always visualizing the spiritual impact and healing effect that a piece will have on its wearer. Our creations are much more than meets the eye, dusted with Magic before they become instant heirlooms.” Driven by beauty and community, you won’t have to lasso the moon for love – instead, get these Crescent Stud with Star Set Diamond ($797USD for a pair) – these darling gems are available in yellow, rose or white gold. The solid gold stars are finished with a glimmering diamond (0.05 CTW.). If that wasn’t reason enough to get these earrings, the jeweler’s website also notes that crescents are representative of positivity: “they symbolize the expulsion of negative energy in your life, getting rid of things you know you don’t need, or those things/people/habits, etc. which are no longer serving you.”

Lil Milan

Based out of Milan Italy, Veronica Varetta founded Lil Milan in 2014 with a desire to share beautiful craftsmanship with the world. Designs are made with 9K or 18K solid gold and are intended for everyday wear. One of their standout trinkets is this ‘Poser’ earcuff ($762.37 for a single earring); it is available in 18K yellow gold or white gold; and lined with white diamonds (0.20 CTW.). As part of their Precious collection, the Poser is not only beautiful, but durable enough to be worn in the shower, at the beach, or even working out. The single cuff can be worn on the left or right ear.


Founded by siblings Joy and Sarah, the duo are originally from Denmark but moved to New York City where they afterward founded Lionheart jewelry. As a result, much of their creations are inspired by both places. “We offer a sophisticated and modern Scandinavian design combined with New York’s vibrant and vintage flair,” they explain. All pieces are handcrafted in 14K or 18K Italian gold; they also prioritize the sourcing of ethical diamonds and gemstones. Case-in-point, these sublime Chain Link Huggie Diamond Earrings ($895USD for a pair) are dripping with sophistication and luxury – the 14K Yellow Gold earrings are laced with 0.22 CTW. diamonds.

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