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By Express News Service

CHENNAI: Now and then, nature weaves magic deep inside the earth’s surface. Under high pressure and temperatures, carbon eventually turns into pieces of diamonds, over decades. This indestructible rock has grown to become a symbol of status, and a gift of love hinting at a happily ever after.

This season, Challani Jewelery Mart has dedicated an exclusive floor — launched in January this year — to this precious gem and its many possibilities embedded into jewelery. From jhumkas, to party wear to bracelets, this festival hopes to offer all the glitz and glam to shoppers with Belgian-fine cut diamonds. “We also have a complete bridal collection, and we offer oddiyanam, chutti, chokers, and hip chains also in diamonds,” says Balaji Srinivasan, AGM of Challani.

Diamonds have long added shine to those who adorn the precious stone. “However, many can not afford it. We thought everyone should buy it and that’s why we have finger rings and other things for `10,000 to begin with,” he says, adding that the rates may go up to crores but they guarantee the best prices in the market.

For men, the festival offers accessories like diamond-studded Rolex watches, pens, and cufflinks. After buyers narrow down on the jewelery of their choice and leave the shop carrying their new purchase, Challani also issues in-house certificates. They also offer a 100% buyback on exchange and gift saplings to all visitors. The Diamond Jewelery Festival will be on at Challani Jewelery Mart at 19, 1, Raghavaiah Road, near Somasundaram Ground, Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar, till June 15.

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