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Greater Victoria jewelery fraudsters using kids to lure victims, say police

The reported scammers’ families are most often involved with victims in parking lots and gas stations

Multiple reports of a normal-seeming family of jewelery fraudsters have been reported to the West Shore RCMP.

The group typically appears to be in a vehicle made up of an adult man, woman and two children. They most frequently engage with their victims in high-traffic areas including parking lots or gas stations.

The suspects will attempt to sell the victims gold or jewelery and will usually provide an emotionally charged story about needing cash urgently for gas, ferry tickets, child care or another family emergency. Then they offer to sell the valuables for well below their presumed value in the interest of getting quick cash to deal with their “emergency.”

The victims later learn that the jewelery is fake and worth much less than they bought it for.

The police want to make the public aware that fraudsters may be operating in the area and encourage the development of a healthy skepticism towards any strangers trying to sell items on the street.

The police are investigating the situation and if anyone has information, or has been a victim of the fraud not already reporting it to the police, you can call the West Shore RCMP non emergency line at 250-474-2264.

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