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Engagement Ring Trends 2023: 6 Styles To Help Manifest A Proposal

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You’ve made your vision board, written a list of attainable goals and vowed to finally clean out your closet—sounds like you’re gearing up for 2023 to be your year. Or better yet, the year. No need to drop hints or create a private Pinterest board, if you’re reading this story, I know why you’re here. A proposal may be on the horizon and it’s time to get serious about the engagement ring trends for 2023 before your partner (or you!) decides to pop the question. I’ve spent the last few months messaging my best friend photos of every engagement that has taken over my Instagram feed (and believe me, there were a lot), and there were some apparent top-trend contenders. Join me in manifesting a 2023 engagement and obviously your dream engagement ring. And if you’re my boyfriend (hi, sorry), consider dropping the hint.

2023 brings in a new group of brides—it seems as if all the postponed Covid weddings and rescheduled celebrations have now taken place and a fresh era of bridal fashion and design is beginning. With a new era, there comes a shift in trends but unlike regular fashion trends, bridal trends evolve at a slower pace and are completely optional.

STYLECASTER |  Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Courtesy of Stephanie Gottlieb.

An engagement is highly personal and so is the corresponding ring—there’s no pressure to follow any engagement ring trends because the most important factor is that you love it! That being said, it’s always fun to keep a pulse on what’s “in” and that’s why I brought in jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb to help keep us updated. Stephanie Gottlieb specializes in both bridal and fashion jewelry—if her name sounds familiar, it’s because she worked with Britney Spears to create her custom wedding band and decked Spears out in 62 carats of jewels on her wedding day.

STYLECASTER |  Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Courtesy of Stephanie Gottlieb.

Round Diamond Eternity Band

You don’t need to be a celebrity client to benefit from Gottlieb’s expertise, the eternal wedding band that Spears chose is a style that Gottlieb says looks good on everyone and stacks well with most rings. But which style of engagement ring will you pair it with?

According to Stephanie Gottlieb, one of the biggest factors impacting engagement ring trends is the famous celebrity finger a style ends up on—which can explain the resurgence in the emerald cut ring’s popularity.

“Emerald is one of the most classic shapes, I think we see those all the time but a lot of it stems from celebrity culture—like Sophia Richie with an emerald cut,” Gottlieb says.

Another celebrity engagement making a (literal) huge impact on ring trends this year is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s proposal. Since this was the couple’s second engagement, they had a new opportunity to make a splash with the ring choice and the multi-million dollar green diamond on J-Lo’s finger certainly did just that. Colored diamond and gemstone engagement rings are becoming more commonplace. A colored stone ring is a fun option because it adds a personal statement to a classic piece. Depending on the stone you choose—like an emerald for example—the ring can have a vintage feel to it or it can be set to look more modern.

Speaking of vintage, ornate old rings have made yet another comeback (spoiler alert: it’s because they never go out of style). If you love a vintage-looking ring, buying a secondhand ring is a wonderful way to give an old love story a new life and is a sustainable purchasing option. Buying a sustainably sourced ring, whether it be vintage, lab-grown or conflict-free mined has become a top priority for couples getting engaged. Luckily, more jewelers have made this a priority as well and there are sustainable options for every trend.

Keep reading for the top engagement ring trends for 2023 to keep on your radar—you know, for when the time is right—preferably in the summer, in a meaningful location, with just the two of us—oh, and a photographer and the ring should be big but not too big (kidding! no such thing as too big!) and I think I like an emerald cut but I might still change my mind.

STYLECASTER |  Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Courtesy of Blue Nile.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are most often worn in the hands of someone with a strong sense of personal style which is why Kim Kardashian, Grace Kelly and even Paris Hilton have all sported the open rectangular shaped diamond. Beyond the chic modern design, a pro of choosing an emerald cut diamond is that it typically appears larger in size and is often less expensive than a traditional round diamond.

STYLECASTER |  Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth.

Colored Stone

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s second engagement was arguably the biggest proposal (and wedding!) of 2022 and at the center of it all is the gorgeous green diamond engagement ring, estimated to be worth anywhere between $5 million and $10 million. If you like the look of J-Lo’s ring, you can find a brilliant-colored stone in a more reasonable price range. From aquamarine or emerald gemstones to yellow diamonds, choosing a colored stone ring is a great way to add a unique element to something you’ll wear every day.

STYLECASTER |  Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Courtesy of Blue Nile.


Three-stone engagement rings have triple the diamonds which means triple the fun (and sparkle!). Beyond the added “wow” factor of a three-stone engagement ring, there’s added significance—the three diamonds are meant to represent the couple’s past, present, and future. Now isn’t that romantic?

STYLECASTER |  Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Courtesy of Jared.

Bezel Sets

If you consider your style to be classic or more minimalist, you’ll probably love a bezel-set engagement ring. A bezel setting is when the diamond is surrounded by a precious metal ring to hold it in place, creating a completely smooth edge. This setting can be added to a variety of diamond cuts but is most popularly paired with a round or oval diamond. If you’re looking for some bezel-setting inspiration, Emily in Paris star Lilly Collins has a gorgeous bezel-set engagement ring.

STYLECASTER |  Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Courtesy of Gabriel & Co.


What’s old is always new again and that certainly applies to something as special as an engagement ring. If you are looking for a vintage-inspired ring, the best place to start would be to shop at local antique jewelers—or maybe you need to start sweet talking your partner’s grandparents. If you’d like a new ring with a vintage feel, many jewelers will have ornate vintage-inspired designs to choose from, or you can always customize your own. One day, your new ring will be considered vintage anyways so why not lean into the old-time glamour?

STYLECASTER |  Engagement Ring Trends 2023

Courtesy of Noémie.

Sustainably Sourced

Beyond the shape or setting of an engagement ring, there is a growing interest in making sure the diamond on your finger is sustainably sourced. Lab-grown diamonds are a mine-free alternative that won’t make you compromise the physical or chemical characteristics of a natural diamond. A lab-grown diamond typically comes at a lower price point without sacrificing any of the diamond’s sparkle. Jewelers like Noémie offer lab-grown diamond options for all designs, or if you still prefer a natural diamond, each stone has been sourced conflict-free following the United Nation-approved Kimberly Process.

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