Chor Nikal Ke Bhaaga Movie Review: An Outstanding Thriller About Revenge, Diamonds And Terrorism | Movies News

Director – Ajay Singh, Cast – Yami Gautam, Sunny Kaushal, Sharad Kelkar, Indraneil Sengupta, Music: Vishal Mishra. Cinematography: Gianni Giannelli

Rating: ***1/2

Backed by Maddock films and helmed by Ajay Singh, the film is more than just an aerial heist about diamonds, the leading duo, Yami Gautam and Sunny Kaushal, on the surface is a cute couple, who has fallen in some tough times and taken drastic majors to save themselves, but there is a darker and revengeful side to the duo as well.

Ankit (Sunny) is a shady businessman, who owes money to some bad people, while Neha is an air hostess, the duo falls in love and plans a family, but Ankit’s shady associates forces the couple to steal a diamond consignment, belonging to home -minister, mid-air.

Neha and Ankit, makes the plan but it goes side-ways when the plan is hijacked by a radical terrorist group. Amidst hijack, Ankit manages to steal the diamonds, and an officer onboard manages to kill terrorists, even before landing.

And this is where the film takes a turn, upon landing, the army takes over the plane, only to discover there are no dead terrorists, no officers onboard, no hijacking, plus, the diamonds Ankit stole are fake, plus the real diamond consignment is also missing.

And once the diamonds are gone, and everyone is running around to find the answer, one after another many shocking revelations are revealed, leaving everyone shocked and gasping for air.

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga is a true thriller with a gripping storyline and superlative performances by Yami and Sunny, who change many shades during the film.

Yami is someone to watch out for in the film, this could be one of the finest layered performances ever delivered by a talented actress. Sunny Kaushal also delivers a control and yet stellar performance.

Sharad Kelkar, who plays the role of RAW officer, assigned to solve the hijack, shines as always.

Films story keeps jumping from current scene to flashback and there is a lot happening at one point, which could be tedious at time, but none the less, the film is an outstanding thrilling drama, which will find its audience.

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