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Brazen robbery unfolds at Rodeo Jewelers in La Verne; injured employees

La Verne: Thieves take off with nearly $300k worth of stolen jewelry in smash-and-grab robbery

La Verne: Thieves take off with nearly $300k worth of stolen jewelry in smash-and-grab robbery


An investigation is underway in La Verne following a brazen robbery that occurred at Rodeo Jewelers over the weekend.

One employee was assaulted during the incident, which unfolded just after 12 pm Saturday, in the 1500 block of Foothill Boulevard.

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The suspects rammed through the storefront before ransacking the display cases.

LaVerne PD

There, La Verne police said a sedan drove through the glass storefront before four men entered the store, shattered displays, and loaded several bags with jewelry, worth an estimated $300,000.

The violent crime, caught on camera by store surveillance, shows one of the suspects assaulting a store employee, hurling a chair over the counter while the rest of the group grabs jewelry.

The suspects fled in a second getaway vehicle that was black, which police believe could be a 2013-2015 Nissan Sentra with black and chrome custom rims.

Police are investigating whether the suspects could be connected to another similar incident that happened nearby just days prior at the Diamond Center in Claremont Village.

“Group of people that are very coordinated, very focused in their efforts,” said La Verne Police Department Lieutenant Cory Leeper. “There had to be either some type of experience or direction how to commit this crime.”

The employee’s injuries were described as non-life-threatening, though they did require seven stitches to the head.

Anyone with more information about this incident was asked to call the La Verne Watch Commander.

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