5 Tips for Storing and Maintaining Your Costume Jewelry

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Here’s what an expert has to say.

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Jewelry doesn’t need to be made of real gold and diamonds to make it precious to you. It’s okay to love your costume jewelry just as much as the real stuff. After all, it’s more affordable, better for travel, and a great way to keep up with ever-changing accessory trends.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that costume jewelry isn’t as durable as the real thing is. So, maintaining it requires some effort. Still, once you know what to do, it isn’t too difficult. Here’s what Jordana Oslac, founder of Jordan Road, a jewelry brand that makes gorgeous costume jewelry, has to say about keeping your favorite accessories in a tip-top shape.

Clean Costume Jewelry the Right Way

While you might think you need to use a jewelry cleaning solution with a dipping basket to clean costume jewelry, those should only be used for fine jewelry. “Avoid harsh chemicals, bleach, oil, or jewelry cleaners as these can affect the finish,” says Olsac, who suggests just polishing your costume jewelry with a soft cloth.

If you don’t already have a jewelry polishing cloth, you can pick up an inexpensive one on Amazon. Best of all, you can use this cloth on both costume and fine jewelry. Follow our complete tutorial for a step-by-step guide to cleaning gold-plated jewelry without damaging it.

Store It Correctly

Olsac tells me that every piece of jewelry should be stored in an individual plastic bag. This can also prevent chains and other pieces from becoming entangled, which can be a real hassle to deal with—or worse, it can cause jewelry to break.

Otherwise, she recommends using a jewelry case or pouches. It doesn’t matter what you use, it’s best to keep your costume jewelry out of direct sunlight.

You can also check and see what your jewelry is made of for more specific care instructions. Follow our tips for gold-plated jewelry or silver jewelry.

Don’t Wear Costume Jewelry to the Gym or in the Shower

While you can wear costume jewelry more or less everywhere, there are some exceptions to this rule. “It’s best to remove your jewelry before going to sleep or working out. Keeping jewelry away from sweat, water, and lotions will keep it looking its best,” says Olsac.

Keep It Dry and Sweat-Free

it happens. We forget we are wearing our favorite piece of jewelry from last night and forget up showering with it the next morning, or we accidentally take off that faux-gemstone bracelet we wore to work for that happy hour spin class. “Don’t wear costume jewelry in water, oceans, pools, and while exercising,” advises Olsac. “If you do, be sure to rinse off with warm water and dry immediately with a soft cloth.”

Put on Your Jewelry Last

While we might be tempted to put on our accessories before choosing an outfit or getting ready—it’s a smart idea to put on your last jewelry. This is because products including lotions, perfumes, and even hair sprays can ruin the finish. So give your products plenty of time to absorb and make this a rule. Plus, delicate clothing can snag on the sharp edges of gemstones or earring clasps, so putting on jewelry last and taking it off first can help preserve your clothes.

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